1. Data handling.

In accordance with what has been established in Organic Law 15/1999, passed on the 13th of December, on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD), you are duly informed that the personal data that you provide via our web site or through emails, will be stored in a computerised file owned by DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. DBA – ExpoFlamenco, with the purpose of handling, providing, expanding on and improving the services offered on the web sites with the domains www.tiendaexpoflamenco.com and www.expoflamenco.com.

DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. informs the user of the non-compulsory nature of the collection of this data, except in the fields in which the opposite is otherwise indicated. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the failure to complete said data may hinder DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. from the provision of those services linked to said data, duly waiving the latter from all liability for the non-provision or incomplete provisions of these services.

In any case, the user promises to provide certain information in relation to their personal details, and maintain the details provided to DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. duly up to date.

The user will respond to, in any case, the veracity of the data provided and kept duly up to date, with DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. reserving the right to exclude from the registered services all users who have provided false details, without prejudice to any other actions for which there may legally be grounds.

2. Exercising of rights with regard to data protection.

Users may exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancelation and / or opposition of data of a personal nature that the legislation in force acknowledges to all those affected by handling of the same through the following channels:

Sending an email to privacy@expoflamenco.com.

Notification in writing to:

Dove Management Consulting Inc.
DBA – ExpoFlamenco
7247 120th Street,
Delta, BCV4C 6P5

The request must fulfil the following minimum legal content established, namely:

Name and surname.
Photocopy of identity card, e-signature or scan of identity card.
Specific request.
Address for notification purposes.
Date and signature of the requesting party.

3. Use of cookies. 

Use of cookies with respect to users in general.

DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. informs you that, in a general sense, during the browser session on this web site, “cookies” are used, these are small data files that are created in the user’s computer and allow us to obtain the following information:

a) The date and time of access to the web site. This allows us to determine the hours with most traffic, and to make precise adjustments to avoid saturation problems during peak periods.

b) The number of daily visitors in each section. This allows us to determine the most successful sections and increase and improve their content, with the aim of providing a more satisfactory result on the part of users.

c) The date and time of the last time the user visited the web site.

d) Content design that the user chose in their most recent visit to the web site

e) Security elements that take part in the access control process for restricted areas.

The information obtained will be wholly anonymous, and under no circumstances may these be associated to a specific and identified user.

This information will allow for DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. to adapt and improve its services in line with user interests.

Users will have the option to prevent the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option on your browser.

DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. informs you that, should you disable the use of cookies, browsing may be slower than normal, but that this will not be prevented.

Use of cookies with respect to users purchasing products by DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, from users who, aside from visiting the web site, effectively purchase the products marketed by DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC., information may be collected, via the use of cookies, required for the verification of the purchase procedure, with the aim of making the same more agile.

DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. informs you that, should you disable the use of cookies, although browsing will not be prevented, you will not be able to complete your purchase of the product.

4. IP Servers.

The web site’s servers can detect automatically the IP address and domain name used by the user.

An IP address is a number assigned automatically to a computer when the latter is connected to the Internet.

All of this information is registered in a duly listed activity file in the server that allows for the subsequent processing of the of data with the aim of obtaining wholly statistical measurements that allow for data on the number pages that have been printed, the number of site visits for web services, visiting order, access points, etc.

5. Free Text Field.

Free Text Fields which, at the user’s disposal, may appear on the web site have as their sole and exclusive aim to compile information to improve the quality of services, particularly in the sphere of purchased products.

The user will not include, in those spaces that web site may offer as “Free Text Fields”, no data of a personal nature will be published that may be classified amongst for which a medium or high level of protection, without prior warning to DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC., in accordance with the definitions outlined in the current legislation in force (for merely informative purposes and not limited to data relating to ideology, religion, beliefs, trade union membership, health, ethnic origin and/or sexual orientation).

6. Electronic sales mailings.

The data collected in the websites www.tiendaexpoflamenco.com and www.expoflamenco.com will only be used for advertising or commercial purposes in those cases in which said use is legally admitted.

In the remainder of the scenarios, this will solely occur when the users themselves have stated their prior conformity for this purpose.

In any case, DOVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INC. will make available to its users, in each commercial mailing, a means in which they can state the desire to unsubscribe from the reception of the aforesaid commercial mailings.

In all notifications, and in compliance with what has been established in the current legislation in force, the advertising or commercial nature of said mailing will be known so that users are aware of the same.


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